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Starting my Art Blog

Posted by ddrees on July 25, 2008

rt and literature are about sharing important parts of life, expanding the lives of others and partaking in other’s lives. We cannot seem to get enough. Before the web, archives on various subjects were put together by people gathering paper files at great expense of time, money and effort. If you wanted to see the files you had to travel to them and make arrangements for access. To see the actual items you still have to make a greater effort but the web helps you locate them. I wonder what DaVinci would think of the web!! Vanevar Bush wrote the seminal As we May Think in 1945, a year before my birth. I know he would like blogs.

My blog shall be my gathered up record of artwork and thoughts added to in pieces, like, well, a blog. I have not previously managed to gather a “finished” site. Organizing it seems overwhelming. So happy about word press features especially topic clouds! I started keeping a record of my work on file cards and slides about 1970. The record is a patchwork. After Macs came along, I started keeping computer records. Periodically I have updated file formats and media, reminding me that this is an ephemeral record like all the rest. I just got a new Canon EOS Rebel XSi SLR digital camera to replace my Zeiss Contaflex SLR from the fifties. I do not know how to use the digital camera yet and am still grieving for the old camera, which is still excellent and familiar. But I shall be able to avoid the film scanning step to get images into the computer. I think these files have a chance of developing into a more coherent record than my previous attempts.

All my posted art work shall be copyrighted by me unless otherwise stated.


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