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tinydd4Dedree A. Drees, Emeritus Professor of Computer Graphics and Visual Communications  taught at CCBC Catonsville, MD for forty-one years. Her work is represented in numerous collections, both regional and as far away as New Mexico and Turkey. Her honors include a Fulbright-Hays Grant to study in Belgium and the Netherlands, two NEH grants, and the National Council of Art Administrators Board of Directors Award.  She received a BS from Skidmore College in 1967, MFA from Penn. State, 1970 and MLA from Johns Hopkins U, 1979. She has completed coursework for the Doctor of Communication Design program at the University of Baltimore and is ABD. Recent graphics projects include design work such as environmental design for the new BWI Airport parking garage and illustration of an Illustrated book “I Am the Word” by Rev. Thomas O’Donnell, Esq. In discussing her work, she says, “I want to make art that is beautiful, that addresses the viewer’s spiritual needs. I want to create works that show, as Blake said,”an infinity in a grain of sand.” I like the idea of an art that is multi-cultural and polyvalent, connecting then and now, here and there, us and them.”


10 Responses to “About Dedree”

  1. sizzyphus said

    Like the leaves very much! Do you do Oaks?

  2. ddrees said

    Yes I do Oaks.

  3. Anjali Gulati said

    I would like to know if you teach workshops on paper marbling. Please let me know. i live in maryland and am very keen on learning how to marble. Thank you.

    Anjali gulati

  4. ddrees said

    Dear Anjali

    Several students have been asking about that at CCBC so I am thinking of doing a demonstration at the school sometime this spring. Everything at school requires planning in triplicate , so I can’t promise anything. Email me at ddrees@ccbcmd.edu so I can let you know.
    In the meantime, sometimes the Smithsonian offers a class and the best bet is Pryramid Atlantic, http://www.pyramidatlanticartcenter.org/.
    My fellow marbler and book arts person, Jake Benson, is there. You could check their website and send Jake an email in particular. Jake is much connected to the marbling community and could advise you on classes.

  5. Alec said

    Hi Dedree,
    – Just happened upon yuor site and love your work

  6. ddrees said

    I need to know more about it. What is an emerging artist album cover? Do you have a website I can see? What other information can you give me?

  7. ddrees said

    What is an emerging artist album cover? I need to know what it is to consider giving you permission. Also, what image are you interested in?

  8. ddrees said

    I don’t understand what you are asking me for. What image? What album cover? be more specific.

  9. ddrees said

    Please be more specific. I can’t say yes to this vague request.

  10. ddrees said

    Please be more specific about what image you want to use and the nature of the use. I cannot grant use without specific information.

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